Breville 800JEXL vs Omega VSJ843R – Best Bang For The Buck

The past few years, I’ve been juicing to stay healthy and save money.  When I started juicing there were only a few juicer options to choose from two name brands Breville and Omega juicers.  Fast forward several years, now there are numerous brands to choose from.  What is amazing though is that the few models that were available when I started are still available to this day.  And frankly, they are probably still the best juicers you can buy compared to the new models and brands.  I won’t be going over an in-depth review of the juicing machines I own, but I’ll just mention the most important features.

breville 800jexl

The two juicing extractors I own are the Breville 800jexl and the Omega vsj843r.  They are both great juicers and have been using them for many years now without fail.  If you are looking for more of a spec type review of each juicer products you can read the review here for the Breville and Omega model.  What I will talk about is which juicer is the right one for your needs and how it will save you money.

omega vsj843r

For most people, you will initially purchase a juicer for losing weight and staying healthy.  Juicing is not a fad.  It has help me lose weight and keep my weight down without having to go through dieting.  In fact based on numerous studies, having juicing as part of your diet can reduce blood pressure, help you sleep better, and cleanse your body.   Now based on what kind of diet you are following, both of these models will do.  However, if you are planning to juice harder vegetables such as carrots you want to pick the Breville model.  You see the Breville 800jexl is more of an industrial type juicer.  It will handle anything kind of vegetables.  Being an industrial made juicer, it is on the expensive side compare to the other brands.  To me, it is worth every penny.

The Omega model is just as good unless you are planning to juice hardy vegetables.  It is quiet and it does a great job extracting the juice. I particularly like this model because of its size.   If you are cramp for space in the kitchen, this might be the right one for you.  As far as pricing, it is also on the higher end but it really gives a premium performance.

At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with purchasing any of these two.  But if you had to pick one, go with the Breville 800jexl.

Now lets talk about how this saves you money.  First of all, juicing allows you to intake the recommended juice and vegetables without having to eat them.  Let’s be honest, not many of us can eat the recommended daily fruit and vegetable consumption.  Juicing makes this possible.  No need to buy vitamins.  No need to buy special juicing products that claims to have superb nutritional value.  Just chop your own fruits and vegetables and start juicing them.  Imagine how much money you will save at the end of the year skipping the vitamins and whatever drinks you buy at the store.

Since I’ve started juicing, I feel healthier and energized every day.  I can honestly say juicing is part of the reason I have not been majorly sick.  This greatly saves me money on medical check-ups and medications.

So the money you save will more than enough pay for the juicer.  I know they are on the expensive side but once you experience all the benefits.  You will not regret spending the money. You drink healthy and delicious juice and save money at the same time.  Can’t beat that!



7 Unusual Ways To Save Money

I’m sure you have seen numerous articles explaining ways to save money.  I’m sure most of the tips you read are valid and can work if implemented correctly.  My top 7 lists however, consists of money saving tips that you may have not thought of or read somewhere else.  These tips I have tried myself and know works! So here they are:

  1. Start Selling, Stop Collecting – Most people do not want to admit it but most households in the US is full of junk things that it just collecting dust.  My advice is to start selling them in places like Craigslist and Ebay.  Not only will you earn money but also unclutter your attic or basement!
  2. Don’t Go Out With Friends – You say what? Yes don’t go out with your friends, instead invite them over! Going out on the town with friends without a doubt can destroy your entertainment and food budget.  There are plenty of fun things to do at home such as watching movies and playing cards. Try it you’ll have fun.
  3. More Water Please! – I’m sure you know the benefits of drinking water. But you may not know that it can save you money in the long run.  You see, if you drink water before each meal you will eat less and stay full longer. You will save on food bill while staying healthy!
  4. Programmable Thermostat – Heating bill can skyrocket during winter time especially if you live in the northern states like I do.  However, most household’s don’t have anyone at the house during the day.  Why keep the house warm when there is no one in the house? Install a programmable thermostat and it will automatically turn on and off on the times that you are home.
  5. Plan Meals During Grocery Deals – Don’t just toss out the grocery flyers you get in the mail.  Check out the sales and plan your meal for the week around the sale items.
  6. Keep Your Hands Clean – Want to avoid large medical bills? Wash your hands especially when handling meat and in the bathroom.  This is a no brainer.
  7. Cancel Memberships – It is amazing when you take inventory of how many memberships you are actually using.  From Club membership such as Sam’s Club to Netflix and gym memberships.  I was surprised I had Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu at the same time! I canceled the two services and kept Netflix.

There you have it.  My money saving ways you can follow and I guarantee you will save money.